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RESPILON® are committed to exploring the applications of nanofiber technology, with the goal of helping people across the world to live happier, healthier lives.

In 2013, Roman Zima founded RESPILON® as the first company in the world producing nanofiber products for end users. RESPILON® works with companies from many sectors all over the globe that share a vision of creating technology that improves living standards. We deliver cutting-edge technology and products that add value to our partner’s businesses and reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. RESPILON Production is ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

For over 10 years, RESPILON has been a global innovator in the research, development and refining of nanofiber technologies.


Roman Zima founds RESPILON as the first company in the world producing nanofiber products for end users.


RESPILON introduces its first products - for example, nanofiber face mask protecting from allergens and air pollution.


RESPILON enters the global market with a ground breaking transparent membrane that let's in air but filters pollution and particulates. This proves ideal for use in window screens, construction and manufacturing.


RESPILON'S product and materials portfolio expands, most notably with the release of nano-respirator face masks that combine the highest filtration efficiency on the market against pollution and viruses with excellent breathability.


In response to global demand, RESPILON introduce the RespiPro VK, revolutionary face masks that kill viruses and can be used repeatedly.


After a decade of research and as the world returns to normal, our experts refine the development of hybrid nano-membranes with active embedded molecules - NUENEX technology is born, bringing emulsion electrospinning to an industrial scale. NUENEX is set to have wide-ranging impacts on cosmetic, and medical applications.

Modern, High Capacity Eco-Production

RESPILON's primary high-capacity production facility is based in the Czech Republic - where RESPILON® was founded in 2013.

Secondary production facilities are based at various locations around the world and are typically dedicated to certain product lines. Globally, RESPILON’s production capacity exceeds 10million units per week.

Our manufacturing processes are designed to have low environmental impact and our primary supply chain is built around European suppliers who have committed to reduce their CO2 output and use of water during the production of materials..