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Technology & Materials

Nanofibre technology has properties that make it highly valuable for an unlimited range of applications. As the first company in the world producing nanofibre products at scale for end users, RESPILON® are at the forefront of this exploration. We are showing how this new technology can be used in everyday items to help improve living standards in a passive yet impactful way.

RESPILON® Group is continually expanding the innovations introduced into the marketplace. In cooperation with a global network of research and development teams, RESPILON® can develop unique solutions on demand.

Nuenex Technology

A unique proprietary INNOVATION

Membranes with active molecules for advanced functions

NUENEX technology brings innovation into electrospinning technology (needleless emulsion spinning technology).

NUENEX enables formation of nanofiber membranes from a wide range of polymers. They can be used as pure membranes made only from polymers or have active molecules embedded in them.

The key advantage of hybrid membranes with active molecules is that they can attain advanced functions, such as controlled release, stabilization, masking of taste, catalysis through inorganic particles,  or they can lend antimicrobial properties or form to functional textile membranes.

After 15 years of research, our experts identified emulsion/dispersion spinning as the preferred technology for the preparation of hybrid membranes with active membranes.

NUENEX is the first technology which brings emulsion electrospinning to an industrial scale. The system comes in the form of a modular electrospinning unit designed for maximal efficacy, throughput, and reproducibility.

The NUENEX technology is here to solve your formulation challenges across industries, be it the manufacturing of cosmetics, food, feed, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or textile industry, mechanical engineering, filtration industry, 3D printing, or environmentally sustainable materials.

Nuenex Dry-Serum TECHNOLOGY

For next-gen cosmetics

Nano-delivery of active molecules for rapid skin absorption

RESPILON® DrySerum is produced with the use of the NEUNEX, using the unique nanoencapsulation technology to produce cosmetics that instantly deliver pinpoint  ingredients with minimal use of solvents, excipients and production energy.

The nanofibrous structure of DrySerum mimics the structure of the skin’s extracellular matrix, this enables high adhesion to the skin’s surface, which unlike other cosmetics results in the perfect contact for surface absorption.

DrySerum comes in the form of sheet membranes or as a microparticle powder, which enables combination with a wide range of cosmetic formulations. As your partner, RESPILON® can provide a white label DrySerum product with your chosen ingredients.

RESPILON® DrySerum is used in RespiBeauty - an affordable and easy to use anti-ageing treatment that's proven to reduce face wrinkles by up to 20% in just 7 days. Click below to view RespiBeauty.

Transparent particulate Membrane

FOR private and commercial installation

For installable screens that block pollution, mould, dust and pollen

Private use, construction sites to block dust and mould, 5th gen for rigid sreens & 6ht gen cloth like materials. Now in it's 5th generation, the Nanofibers in the RESPILON® window membrane protect your building from harmful particulates from the outside air.

Perfect for people who live near roads, especially families with children, elderly people, and anybody with respiratory problems or allergies.

Open windows and doors to let light and air through, but leavecar exhaust particulates, dust, pollen and insects outside.
blocking mould spores and dust during construction work.

Available by the roll or ready installed into a product.

Respiratory Mask (PPE) Filter media

Up to 99.9% filtration

Light, breathable, effective and reusable

RESPILON® released the first virus blocking nanofibre mask back in 2014. Our filter media is an advanced nanofiber that makes respirators lighter than a piece of A4 paper with up to 99.9% filtration.

We have a variety of filter media for various applications including a reusable self-sterilising material. In general our nanofiber offers unrivalled breathability and is often the best protection from viruses as well as blocking air-pollution, fine dust and other harmful particulates.

Respirators with RESPILON® filter media RESPILON®  have been worn confidently by senior doctors, nurses, presidents, local government, health and safety professionals, tradesmen and high risk individuals who need respiratory protection.

Air conditioning filter media

Up to 99.9% filtration

Turn any Air Conditioner into an Air Purifier

The RESPILON Air Conditioning Filter is a universal solution to turn any air conditioning unit, whether mobile, wall or ceiling mounted, into an air purifier.

Not only does the RESPILON Air Conditioning Filter trap particulates, but it will also trap and kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and purify harmful vapours and odours such as formaldehyde, ammonia and Trimethylamine.

Apparel membrane

Strong, Breathable & Flexible

High-performance outdoor clothing membrane

The RESPILON® Apparel Membrane uses the latest nanofiber technology to deliver 100% wind and water resistance with a new level of comfort.

Developed to be used in extreme environments. Using this material in your clothing will make you a market leader with a unique selling proposition. The membrane is stretchable and offers the best breathability on the market.

Compared to GoreTex, RESPILON® apparel membrane is 3 times more breathable, has greater flexibility and a higher tear resistance.

Shoe Membrane

Groundbreaking Vapour Permeability

Apparel membrane with a new level of performance

With 2.5 billion nano pores per square CM compared to GoreTex' 1.1 billion pores, the RESPILON Shoe Membrane was developed to provide world-beating breathability, durability and flexibility.

Three-layer RESPILON® nanofiber membrane laminate offers extreme vapour resistance while retaining 100% wind resistance and high hydrostatic resistance. This type of laminate is intended primarily for sports and outdoor Shoes, but also for fashion shoes that require high moisture removal especially in Summer months.

Respilon® membrane has 25% more pores on 1cm2 than microporous membranes. This helps the material to efficiently remove moisture from human skin to the external environment.

The membrane is available for Summer or Winter shoes to suit all kinds of purposes and activities. No perfluorocarbons are used in our membrane production.


Extremely Light & Durable

Nanofibre is so thin and light, that 1 gram could create a string long enough to wrap around the entire Earth. In fact, 10 grams of nanofiber would be sufficient for stretching an invisible rope between the Earth and the Moon.

RESPILON® nanofibers are ultrasonically welded to form a singular dense lattice structure that is incredibly light and breathable whilst also being extremely strong and durable.

This makes RESPILON® nanofiber membrane perfect for use as a long lasting particulate filter or a tough protective membrane that can stop even the smallest solid and liquid particles, whilst allowing air to freely flow through.

Our base nanofibers are recyclable and do not contain chemicals or other elements.
nanofibre membrane close up under a microscope


We believe in forming lasting partnerships by providing world-class design and manufacturing capabilities under one roof. RESPILON® delivers products across multiple industries and into a variety of distribution channels.

Whether your business needs are a small selection of quality materials or a large delivery of premium products, we can tailor our supply to suit your project.

Do you have an interesting and innovative idea or technology that could benefit from RESPILON® nanofibres? If so, we would love to hear from you.
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