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We're into nanofibre technology, enjoying a clean-air lifestyle, and environmental issues. If you are too, you'll find some good reads here.

What is The Exposome? Why is it Important?

July 2022
Each day you are exposed to a variety of chemicals. These exposures will be down to your lifestyle and environment and could be a critical component of your ongoing health.

What is PM2.5? Air pollution particulates explained

June 2022
Air polluting particles called PM2.5 are being featured in mainstream news on an almost daily basis, and for good reason...

How to tell if a mask will protect against viruses (inc. Covid-19)

February 2022
This article is specifically aimed at helping people who need a mask that will legitimately offer respiratory protection from viruses, including Covid-19.

PPE Masks: Common Meltblown Filters VS RESPILON Nano Filters

October 2021
Meltblown microfibre filters are used in 99% of FFP2, FFP3, N95, and N99 certified respirators as well as Type IIR surgical masks. But how do they compare against nanofibre filters?

Major Covid-19 Vaccination Centre choose RESPILON anti-viral respirators to protect staff

March 2021
RESPILON UK delivered one thousand RespiPro VK Masks to the Millennium Point COVID-19 Vaccination Centre in Birmingham, to protect staff involved in the city’s vaccination program.
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