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Major Covid-19 Vaccination Centre choose RESPILON anti-viral respirators to protect staff

March 2021

RESPILON UK delivered one thousand RespiPro VK Masks to the Millennium Point COVID-19 Vaccination Centre in Birmingham, to protect staff involved in the city’s vaccination program.

Responding to a call from Linda Degg, Millennium Point Facilities Director, the masks were ordered on Friday 8th January and delivered within one working day in time for the opening of the vaccination centre in Birmingham’s city centre on Monday 11th January.

The first NHS mass vaccination centre in Birmingham, Millennium Point is one of seven major hubs that opened across England in January 2021 to help rapidly deploy the COVID-19 jab and meet government targets for vaccine roll-out across the UK. The Millennium Point site has the capacity to vaccinate 1,800 people per day.

“We needed a highly protective mask for staff on site at the vaccination centre”, says Linda Degg. “I heard about the RespiPro VK Masks from our Health and Safety experts as an option that not only offers viral protection and excellent filtration, but is reusable.
“In addition to the protective benefits, the reusable RespiPro VK has dramatically reduced our turnover of masks, which in turn has lowered costs and the environmental impact of our daily requirements.”
Pictured: RespiPro VK Self-Sterilising Respirator

Triple-layer mask for certified COVID-19 protection

The anti-viral RespiPro VK certified respirator is proven to neutralise viruses (including human coronaviruses) and contains a filter layer made of RESPILON nanofibre membrane which is proven to 99.9% viral filtration efficiency, whilst also blocking bacteria, fine dust, allergens and particulates from car exhaust.

The nanofibre is sandwiched between two layers of RESPILON's ACu copper technology; ACu is a world-unique virus-deactivating material that protects both the wearer from the environment, and the environment from the wearer. The antiviral properties of copper have been known and used for thousands of years, with the last 10 years seeing the metal utilised in hospital surfaces and wound dressings to reduce viral transmission and bacterial threats.

Comfortable, breathable and reusable

Produced in Europe, each RespiPro VK Mask can be used repeatedly for up to 30 hours without the risk of cross contamination in the filter. The super lightweight construction makes it comfortable to wear and easy to breathe through, and unlike most FFP2/FFP3 masks (those considered effective at protecting the wearer from viral transmission), its filtering efficiency is not affected by humidity from the wearer’s breath.

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