Leading the world in nanofibre technology. Positive innovation for a healthier tomorrow.
RESPILON nanofiber technology is more eco-friendly and efficient than established materials in applications including filtration, apparel, medical and cosmetics.
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Electrospun Nanofibre

Nanofibres are so small that they can only be seen through the lens of an electron microscope. One RESPILON® nanofibre is around 1,000 times thinner than a strand of human hair, but can be over 50cm in length.

RESPILON® use nanofibers to create strong, durable structures that form membranes for a number of innovative applications. This includes ground breaking filtration, apparel and cosmetic technology.
nanofibre membrane close up under a microscope


What is The Exposome? Why is it Important?

July 2022
Each day you are exposed to a variety of chemicals. These exposures will be down to your lifestyle and environment and could be a critical component of your ongoing health.

What is PM2.5? Air pollution particulates explained

June 2022
Air polluting particles called PM2.5 are being featured in mainstream news on an almost daily basis, and for good reason...

How to tell if a mask will protect against viruses (inc. Covid-19)

February 2022
This article is specifically aimed at helping people who need a mask that will legitimately offer respiratory protection from viruses, including Covid-19.

PPE Masks: Common Meltblown Filters VS RESPILON Nano Filters

October 2021
Meltblown microfibre filters are used in 99% of FFP2, FFP3, N95, and N99 certified respirators as well as Type IIR surgical masks. But how do they compare against nanofibre filters?


Breath is Life

No one should ever be forced to breathe in car fumes, viruses, bacteria, allergens or any other airborne hazard. Yet in the UK, polluted air kills over 35,000 people every year and damages many more lives.

Since 2013, RESPILON® has been committed to combating exposure to airborne pathogens and particulates that can cause illness or lower life expectancy.
A cloud of air-pollution with cars in the middle
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RESPILON® Nanofibre Filter is scientifically proven to block:

Virus Protective Facemask
Viruses & Bacteria
Smog Facemask
Pollution Facemask
Pollen Facemask
Pollen & Spores
dust inhalation
Fine Dust & Allergens