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RESPILON® develop and produce some of the World's most advanced nanofiber materials and products, working in a range of sectors including PPE, cosmetics, medical, air filtration, apparel and defense.

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Products - available NOW

R-Shield Snood

This scarf blocks car exhaust, viruses, dust & pollen

Looks like a normal snood, but features a nanofibre filtering material independently proven to block 99.9% of car exhaust particulates, viruses, pollen and dust.

R-Shield Snood being worn by people
tradesman, nurses, a delivery driver and people on a train wearing respilon ppe respirators
Certified Respirators

Super-light with up to 99.9% filtration

RESPILON® Nano respirators are worn confidently by doctors, presidents, health and safety professionals, tradesmen and high risk individuals who need respiratory protection.

A woman opens a window protected by Respilon filter membrane
Window Screens

Keep Out Pollen, Car Exhaust, Dust & Smoke

The world's only transparent clean air screen that blocks insects, pollen AND pollution.

NEW! - RespiBeauty Dry Serum

Look younger in just 7 days

A 100% natural nano-tech breakthrough in anti-ageing. Applied to the skin, RespiBeauty decreases the length, depth and width of face wrinkles by 20% in just 7 days. Clinically proven.

Air con Filter

Turn any Air Conditioner into an Air Purifier

The RESPILON® Air Conditioning Filter is a universal solution to turn any air conditioning unit, whether mobile, wall or ceiling mounted, into an air purifier.

RESPILON® Nano materials


Revolutionary properties, eco-friendly production

Nanofibres are so small that they can only be seen through the lens of an electron microscope. One RESPILON® nanofibre is around 1,000 times thinner than a strand of human hair, but can be over 50cm in length.

We produce materials for a growing range of uses:

  • Nunenex active membranes for cosmetics, medical devices, food & feed and pharmaceuticals
  • Window & door filter screens
  • Respiratory mask filter media
  • Industrial filter media
  • Advanced outdoor clothing membranes
nanofibre membrane close up under a microscope


Innovation and cooperation

RESPILON® works with partners from a variety of sectors that share a vision of improving people's lives.

Founded in 2013, we are among the worlds foremost experts in the development of materials and products that work on a nano-scale, having developed our own uniquely advanced proprietary production technology.

This has led to breakthroughs in many product sectors including cosmetics, medicine, filter media, wearable technology and more.

We deliver cutting-edge innovation and products that add value to our partner’s businesses and naturally reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

From humble beginnings, we have offices globally, including the UK, with our founding HQ and production based in central Europe.
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