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RespiPro Carbon Respilon
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Air Conditioning Nano Filter

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Clean the air you breathe. Enhance any air conditioning unit by turning it into an anti-microbial air purifier.

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  • Easy for anyone to fit in minutes
  • A universal solution to clean the air in any room equipped with air conditioning
  • Prevents recirculation of particulates such as fine dust, pollen and air pollution
  • Captures and eliminates bacteria with up to 99.9% efficiency
  • Eliminates odours and harmful vapours to deodorise the air as it circulates
  • Protects A/C units from bacterial growth and intake of contaminants
  • Easy to fit into any air conditioner whether mobile, wall or ceiling mounted
  • Long lasting solution that’s maintenance-free
  • The features combine to contribute to the cleanliness of the air in offices, public spaces, healthcare facilities or homes

Respilon Air Conditioner Filter

Certification & Test Reports


All RESPILON products undergo testing and certification by independent institutions. The RESPILON nano A/C filter holds four test reports:

Antibacterial finishes on textile materials

A test on the reduction of bacterial concentration: An AATCC 100 test report was issued by the renowned Korean FITI institute, which confirmed a 99.9% reduction in concentrations of the Staphylococcus and Pneumococcus bacteria on the filter.

Determining removal of harmful gases (deodorant properties)

A test report on the removal of harmful gases/vapours (deodorising efficiency): A test report was issued by the Korean FITI institute, which confirms the filter's ability to reduce harmful ammonia and trimethylamine gasses by 99.6%, and formaldehyde by 88.2%.

Weight arrestance – a test of filtration efficiency for fine dust particles

A test on fine dust filtration efficiency:  Test particulate size 0.1 micrometres - 4,000 micrometres. An ASHRAE 52.2 test report was issued by the Korean FITI institute, which confirms an 83% filtration efficiency according to the ASHRAE 52.2 standard.

Initial resistance (to airflow)

A test report to confirm any additional airflow resistance is minimal once the filter is installed: A test report on the initial resistance to airflow was issued by the Korean FITI institute, which defines the resistance of the air filter to be 15,2 Pa at the rated airflow rate.






Turn any Air Conditioner into an Air Purifier

The RESPILON A/C Filter purifies air in any room from undesirable dust particles, pollen, bacteria, odours and vapours. Due to its versatility and easy installation, the universal RESPILON nanofiber A/C filter is easy to fit into any air conditioner regardless of brand or whether it's a mobile, wall or ceiling mounted unit.

Not only does the RESPILON Air Conditioning Filter trap particulates, but it will also trap and kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and purify harmful vapours and odours such as formaldehyde, ammonia and Trimethylamine.

How does the Air Purifying Filter Work?

Firstly, it is important to understand how air conditioning systems work. An indoor air conditioner from any manufacturer draws in air from the room, heats it or cools it, and then lets it back into the room. Because of this, air which was already in the room recirculates, which also causes particles and gases to swirl.

The RESPILON A/C filter attaches to the internal intake through which the air conditioner draws in air. The air is filtered at the inlet through the RESPILON nano membrane which captures undesirable dust particles, pollen, bacteria, and odours. Purified air at a required temperature then comes out of the air conditioner. The filter is extremely breathable so it only adds a tiny amount of additional air resistance to the intake.

The versatility of the filter is a big advantage – it doesn't matter whether you have a wall-mounted, a ceiling-mounted (so-called cassette) or a mobile air conditioner, it doesn't even matter what brand it is. Thanks to the RESPILON A/C filter you can enhance any air conditioning system with a filtering nanofiber membrane.

The filter is placed on the air intake and not the exhaust, this means that the filter is only ever exposed to the temperature of your room and so has no effect on the output temperature of the unit. The filter performance is generally unaffected by temperature.

Recommended use

The RESPILON nano A/C filter is suitable for maintaining clean air in any building, including offices, public spaces, households and healthcare facilities.

Further Information

The filter contains no hazardous chemicals or materials and nothing hazardous is released during it's use. There are no special requirements for handling or storage of the material and the filter can be disposed of as normal household waste.

In the event of a fire, a component of the material is considered auto-extinguishing and so it is unable to spread fire. Additionally, the majority of the material is only combustible at an extremely high temperature (Ignition Temperature: 388 °C). This helps to make the filter perfectly safe to use in any air conditioning unit.

How to Install the RESPILON Air Conditioning Filter

Always follow the instructions for installation and handle the membrane with care. Further down this page is a 2 minute installation video. The filter is designed so that anyone can install it in minutes.

  1. Start by opening the case of your air conditioner and gently removing the screen – this is a general sieve designed to capture large debris. Place the removed screen on top of the RESPILON A/C filter and trace its exact shape using a pen or pencil.
  2. Use scissors to cut out the shape of the filter. Attach a few pieces of double-sided tape to the upper side of the screen and then stick the RESPILON A/C filter to it. The tape need not be attached around the whole circumference of the screen because once the air conditioner is switched on, airflow will hold the filter to the screen.
  3. Make sure to attach the filter with the RESPILON logos facing up, and always attach it to the upper side of the screen. Insert the screen with the RESPILON A/C filter back into the air conditioner.
  4. The filter needs changing when the RESPILON logos on the upper side of the filter are no longer visible. How long this takes will depend on the air quality it is exposed to, but in general one pack can be cut into a couple of filters and each filter should last for a year.

Installation is Easy

Any able adult can install the A/C filter in a few minutes. This two minute video will take you through the process.

Always follow the full instructions. That said, here are a few tips:

  • The RESPILON logos should be face up
  • Be sure to attach the filter to the upper/front side of the screen
  • You only need to use a few pieces of tape as it's the airflow that holds the filter in place
  • Replace the filter when the RESPILON logos are no longer visible
  • It's best to watch the two minute installation video



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