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RESPILON® nanofibre PPE technology delivers game-changing benefits

The technology used in our products didn't exist 10 years ago. Believing it vital to our future, RESPILON® have spent the last decade innovating technological leaps in protective filtration technology. This knowledge has been applied to create a range of next-gen protective nanofibre products that will benefit industries across the world. We always have new products in the pipeline so be sure to join our mailing list to find out more.

A world unique snood

Respiratory Shield

The R-Shield is an eco-friendly recyclable snood. The only snood available with a nanofibre filter material certified to block 99.9% of viruses, fumes and fine dust. A sustainable long-term protective solution for the public or a workforce.

View the R-Shield
 R-Shield Face Covering Snood

CE Marked Respirators with 99.9% Filtration

RESPILON® respirators are CE marked PPE primarily produced in central Europe. Every RESPILON® face mask has 99.9% protection from viruses, bacteria, smog and dust. Filtration performance and the breathability of our masks is notably far superior to existing respirator technologies found in most other certified PPE.

RESPILON® Materials

Better protection, performance and breathability from a recyclable next-gen membrane available by the roll. Perfect for producers who manufacture and supply PPE to professionals working in demanding situations.

Looking for the best outdoor membrane?

Apparel Membrane

The RESPILON® Apparel Membrane uses the latest nanofiber technology to deliver 100% wind and water resistance with a new level of comfort.

Developed to be used in extreme environments. Using this material in your clothing will make you a market leader with a unique selling proposition. The membrane is stretchable, 100% recyclable and offers the best breathability on the market.

Compared to GoreTex, RESPILON apparel membrane is 3 times more breathable, has greater flexibility and a higher tear resistance. An eco-friendly alternative with better performance.

 R-Shield Face Covering Snood
Like GoreTex, but better

Shoe Membrane

With 2.5 billion nano pores per square CM compared to GoreTex' 1.1 billion pores, the RESPILON Shoe Membrane was developed to provide world-beating breathability, durability and flexibility. 100% recyclable.


RESPILON® Nanofibre Filter Materials

As a manufacturer of PPE, you will want access to the best protective filtration technology available. Our patented and certified filtering materials can imbue your protective products with superior comfort and performance in real-world professional and private use.

light, breathable & 99.9% filtration


Nanofiber technology that delivers a consistently higher level of filtration. RESPILON® RFT is ultra lightweight (0.5 gr/㎡) and ultra thin (approx. 0.4 ㎛).

The material has 20 billion pores per cubic centimeter with 95% porosity. Hydrophoic, liquid and oleophobic. Approx.15,000 times larger filtration surface than that of nonwoven and PP Meltblown or glass fiber fabric. Unlike existing filtration technologies, RFT can reach maximum efficiency in a humid environment, which is perfect for use in protective masks.  Skin irritability rating of zero - tested under EN ISO 10993-1.

 R-Shield Face Covering Snood


The second generation of RESPILON® RNF is a four layer laminated nanofibre filter certified to 99.9% efficiency. The nanofibres are not affected by washing so RNF is suitable for washable mask applications. Available by the roll.


RESPILON® nanofibre filter TECHNOLOGY blocks 99.9% of:

Virus Protective Facemask
Viruses & Bacteria
Smog Facemask
Pollution Facemask
Pollen Facemask
Pollen & Spores
Fine Dust & Allergens
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