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Certified PPE Respirators

RESPILON® Nanofibre Respirators

5 things You Need to Know

1. Every RESPILON® respirator is certified professional PPE for protection of the respiratory tract from aerosols, solid and liquid particles.

2. The whole surface of a RESPILON® respirator is a giant breathable filter with millions of nano pores per CM, with a pore size of 0.01 microns (small enough to block car exhaust and viral particulates, whilst oxygen flows through easily).

3. Every RESPILON® respirator is specifically efficient against airborne viruses and bacteria, with at least 99.7% viral filtration independently confirmed. We released our first virus-blocking mask in 2014.

4. Every RESPILON® respirator is lighter than a piece of A4 paper and is easier to breathe in than most other PPE masks. Our nano material is so advanced and so light that 1 gram of it could create a string long enough to stretch around the entire earth.

5. After 30mins wear, most certified PPE face masks can lose 40-60% of their filtration ability due to moisture build-up inside the mask. RESPILON® nanofibre PPE is NOT affected by this, filtration is constant and reliable.



RESPILON® Filter VS Fine Particulates

Video Length: 78 seconds.

This video shows a RESPILON® Membrane filter being tested against particulate matter containing PM1.0 and PM2.5 air pollution particulates. This clearly demonstrates the benefits and protection offered by the filters used in every RESPILON® mask.