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RespiPro Carbon Respilon
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RespiPro White Respirator (3pcs)

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  • CE marked certified PPE: protection of respiratory tract from aerosols, solid and liquid particles.
  • Nanofiber membrane captures 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
  • Captures air pollution inc car exhaust particulates, dust, pollen, allergens, mold spores and other pathogens
  • Resistant to liquids, blood, contaminated water and oil
  • Effective two-way filtration without any active chemical agents
  • Extremely lightweight (only 3,9g)
  • The RespiPro has one of the most advanced ergonomic shapes available today, ensuring a secure seal
  • Now in it's second generation featuring super-soft straps for long-term comfort
  • Produced in the EU since 2018
  • In the Box: 25 x single use mask & headband clip, each mask is individually wrapped
  • Incorporates the latest advancements in nano-technology
  • Available in one size (L)
  • Manufactured in the EU, all orders shipped from our UK warehouse in 1-3 days

RespiPro White FFP2

RespiPro White Certification


Below you can see a list of certification and independent test reports from world-renowned laboratories and test centres in Europe and the US.

EU type-examination certificate EN 149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2

Independent European certification certifying the RespiPro White as Category III personal protective equipment (PPE), providing respiratory system protection under EN 149:2001+A1:2009 class FFP2 NR. This widely recognised standard is the benchmark for certified PPE in the UK and across Europe.

Certificate GB2626-2019

GB 2626‑2019 is the mandatory national standard in China for respiratory protection via a non‑powered air‑purifying particle respirator.

EC Declaration of Conformity

The EC declaration of Conformity is a declaration of conformity is issued by the manufacturer of the product (RESPILON). It confirms that the product has been assessed to be in conformity with relevant standards and laws, is safe and used in compliance with the listed recommendations, standards, and laws.





RespiPro® White FFP2

The RespiPro White is specifically certified as an item of PPE that can be used to protect against the Covid-19 Virus. The RespirPro White is a nanofibre respirator with a filter proven to over 99% viral and bacterial filtration efficiency. Constructed using the latest nanofibre technology, the mask is extremely light, comfortable and very easy to breath through.

The RespiPro offers superior protection for a workforce: widely used electrostatic masks (N95 etc) lose up to 60% filtration efficiency after 30mins wear due to increased humidity from the wearers breath, whereas the RespiPro maintains filtration efficiency throughout the wearers work shift. The filter covers the whole mask surface and is very easy to breathe through.

Can you reuse the RespiPro White FFP2 respirator?

Where hygienic, a single RespiPro can be used repeatedly to protect against fine dust, allergens, pollution, and fumes because the filter is a straight mechanical block of particles above a certain size (0.01 micrometers). However, the RespiPro is not washable so when used as protection from viruses or bacteria we recommend using a new mask after each removal of the previous one from your face.

Size & Face Fit

Currently available in large only, which will fit most medium and large adults. An adjustable clip is included with each mask that can join the loops at the back of the head, this is an optional item that allows you to tighten the mask as required to ensure a protective seal for all face shapes.

The RespiPro® range of respirators has an advanced "C-shape" 3D design combined with the flexibility and lighter weight of nanofibre. The shape conforms to the contours of a persons face to provide a protective seal and easy comfort. This offers an advantage over other more rigid respirators in terms of achieving a good face fit.  In addition to this, the optional head clip turns the ear loops into headstraps, meaning that virtually any adult should be able to achieve a great fit with the RespiPro® White.


Please note that if the seal on the product packaging is opened, we are unable to accept returns due to the nature of the product.

Ideal for a work shift

Comfortable Respiratory Protection for Professionals

Boxed in 25's, each RespiPro is individually wrapped and comes with a clip to secure and adjust the bands around the back of the head. The masks are certified to full protection without using the clip provided, but everyone is different so the clip offers a method of adjusting and tightening the mask should you need to.

This certified respirator is produced in central Europe and is extremely easy to breathe through. Unlike most existing electrostatic respirators used in the UK, the two-way 99.9% filtration is not effected by humidity from your breath so it will maintain optimum performance no matter how long your shift.



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