RespiPro Carbon Respilon
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RespiRaptor FFP2 Respirator (3pcs)

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The RespiRaptor offers EN149 certified respiratory protection from aerosols, solid and liquid particles at a low cost, but it's also so much more. The performance from this respirator will change how you view wearing a protective mask.

The FFP2 RespiRaptor® is one of the world’s lightest and most breathable respirators, the whole surface of the mask is a nanofibre filter that boasts several million filtering pores per square cm.  The RespiRaptor is ideal for intensive work and hot environments. Glasses won’t fog and the mask won’t slip down your face when you speak. The straps are super-soft and held securely in place by a rear clip that ensures outstanding strap comfort over a long work shift.

One adult size with clip to secure the headbands around your head - perfect for medium and large adults.

Protection From:
  • Viruses, bacteria and other airborne pathogens
  • Air pollution inc. PM2.5 and PM1.0
  • Fine dust and other irritants
  • Pollen, spores and mould

Certification: EN149:2001+A1:2009 and GB2626-2006. VFE Test report Nelson Labs.

  • Primary Purpose: protection of respiratory tract from aerosols, solid and liquid particles.
  • A new generation of extra-comfort headbands
  • 99.7-99.9 per cent viral and bactérial filtration
  • Also filters PM2.5, smog, dust and allergens
  • Several million pores per square cm
  • A new generation of extra-comfort headbands
  • Super light and easy to breathe through
  • The shape allows for clear speaking without the mask moving down
  • Adjustable nose support secures seal and prevents glasses fogging
  • Perfect for a long shift - maintains it's filtration efficiency throughout it’s 24hr use and is not affected by humidity from breath.
  • Each respirator + headband clip is individually wrapped in sealed retail packaging
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Virus Protective Facemask
Viruses & Bacteria
Smog Facemask
Pollution Facemask
Pollen Facemask
Pollen & Spores
dust inhalation
Fine Dust & Allergens

Easy breathing with 99% filtration

The mechanical filtration of dangerous particles is guaranteed by the Respilon® nanofibre membrane. The membrane is a three-layer laminate with an inner layer formed of high-density nanofibre 1,000 smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

on top of the superb protection, a core benefit of the membrane is that it is highly breathable allowing easy unrestricted breathing when in use.

Protection is two way - the wearer is protected and people nearby are protected from the wearer.


Comparing Surgical Masks & Standard Respirators

Surgical masks don’t protect the wearer against inhaling dangerous airborne particles. They are designed to protect other people from the wearer such as stopping doctors releasing large particles through their nose and mouth whilst operating.

Professional grade respirators (N95 & N99) are designed to help protect the wearer from certain airborne contaminants. But most of the respirators on the market today are not comfortable to wear, are difficult to breath in and do not protect against the smallest particle threats. They can also lose 40-60% of filtration efficiency when breath heats them up after 20 minutes.

In comparison, RespiRaptor® does not lose filtration in the same way - wearers are protected from threats simply because they can't get through the nano filter.