RespiPro Carbon Respilon
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RespiPro Carbon Nanofibre Mask (3pack)

£ 10 GBP

The RespiPro Carbon is a premium respirator with a filter certified by EU, American and Chinese authorities to block 99.9% of viruses (inc. Covid-19), smog, emissions, bacteria, moulds, pollen, and dust. This face mask also features a special carbon layer that protects the wearer against odours.

Typically, face masks with a 99% level of filtration will be uncomfortable and difficult to breathe through, a particular benefit of the RespiPro is that it's design and patented nanofibre filter make it comfortable and very easy to breathe through.

Whether you are a professional working in a demanding front-line situation or a member of the public who is travelling, commuting or working, the stylish RespiPro Carbon offers fantastic protection from diseases and harmful particulates.

Size & Face Fit

The RespiPro Carbon is available in two adjustable adult sizes; medium and large. Medium will best fit adults with smaller features, large will best fit average and large sized adults.

In each pack you will find a small black clip (see image) that joins the ear loops at the back of your head, which allows you to tighten the mask as required to ensure a protective seal. The mask can also be worn more casually using just the ear loops.

The small size for children will be available late 2020/early 2021.

  • The filter is certified to 99.9% efficiency
  • Resistant against liquids inc. blood, non-corrosive chemicals and paraffin oil
  • CE Marked PPE with FFP2 EN:149 certification
  • High protection mask that's cooler and easier to breathe in
  • 99.9% filtration goes both ways - you are also protecting the people around you
  • A special carbon layer protects you against odours
  • Nanofibre skin irritability rating of zero - tested under EN ISO 10993-1
  • Adjustable nose clip ensures a good fit and seal
  • In each pack: 3 black single use RespiPro Carbon masks and an adjustable clip
  • Only buy protective equipment from verified trusted suppliers. RESPILON UK is a member of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) who are the UK's leading safety equipment industry body
  • Not recommended for ages below 5 years, parental supervision is required at all times

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thE FILTER IN THIS Face mask will Block 99.9% of:

Virus Protective Facemask
Viruses & Bacteria
Smog Facemask
Pollution Facemask
Pollen Facemask
Pollen & Spores
Fine Dust & Allergens

How is our nanofibre filter better than other filters?

The patented Respilon® filter in the RespiPro is a four-layer laminate with an inner layer formed by high-density nanofibres that are 1000 times smaller than a human hair. This super-fine mesh has a pore size of 0.01µm (0.01 microns) which means only air gets through - even tiny virus and diesel particles cannot fit through the pores.

Other widely available chemical-based face masks typically lose 40-60% of their filtration abilities when your breath warms them up. Because our filter doesn't rely on chemicals, the filter efficiency isn't affected in the same way.

The filtration layer is covered with a skincare layer, a nanofibre filter, and then a carbon layer which catches odours. The last outside part is a black nonwoven layer.


Better breathability and higher filtration efficiency

High protection face masks can be uncomfortable and difficult to breathe in. To get around this some masks don't filter breaths out, putting people around the wearer at risk in an infection scenario. Our nano-filter offers two-way protection.

The filter covers the whole part of the mask where air flows and provides far better breathability and higher filtration efficiency than other widely available masks.

As with any protective Personal Protective Equipment, user diligence when handling the mask is a factor in protection, so please remain mindful at all times when in use.

Superior Performance

Comparing Surgical Masks & Respirators

Surgical masks don’t protect the wearer against inhaling dangerous airborne particles. They are designed to protect other people from the wearer such as stopping doctors releasing large particles through their nose and mouth whilst operating.

Professional grade respirators (N95 & N99) are designed to help protect the wearer from certain airborne contaminants. But most of the respirators on the market today are not comfortable to wear, are difficult to breath in and do not protect against the smallest particle threats. They also lose 40-60% of filtration efficiency when breath heats them up after 20mins of wear.

In comparison, the RespiPro mechanically protects the wearer simply because particles can't fit through the nano filter.