RespiPro Carbon Respilon
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RespiPro Virus Killer (2 pack)

£ 14 GBP

The worlds 1st self-sterilising face mask

A mask designed to help fight the Covid-19 virus - In a world-first innovation, the RespiPro® Virus Killer features an extra layer that actively deactivates viruses upon contact. Based on the popular RespiPro®, this respirator also features the Respilon® nanofibre filter which is certified to 99.9% protection against viruses and bacteria as well as other dangerous particles.

Thanks to the virus deactivating layer, this is the first respirator of this type that can be worn repeatedly over a long period of time. The mask’s usage time of 30 hours can be split over multiple uses. For example: the user could wear the mask for 4-5 hours a day over the course of a week without the risk of viral reproduction in the filter. During reuse, diligent mask handling is still required for optimum protection.

The combination of two unique features – the 99.9% filtration efficiency for pathogens and the ability to kill them, makes the RespiPro® Virus Killer ideal protective equipment for authorities, frontline staff and the general public looking for the best protection during a viral pandemic.

The RespiPro® Virus Killer is designed with a focus on maximum efficiency:

  • The respirator is designed to achieve the best possible face-fit across the high risk areas of the users face
  • The mask shape is easy to speak in, benefitting emergency services staff who need to communicate clearly and quickly
  • For it’s extreme level of protection, the mask offers world-beating breathability. This ensures comfort during intensive activity

2 RespiPro Virus Killer masks per pack.

Manufactured in Europe (EU).

Size & Face Fit

Available in two adult sizes: medium and large. Medium will best fit adults with smaller features, large will best fit average and large sized adults.

Each pack includes a small clip (see image) that joins the ear loops at the back of the head. The mask is certified to full protection using just the ear loops, but everyone is different so the clip allows you to tighten the mask as required to ensure a protective seal for all face shapes.

The RespiPro Virus Killer is available to bulk order now. Individual packs will be available to buy from this website page at the end of November.

Please contact us via this form to enquire about ordering the RespiPro Virus Killer in bulk.

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thE FILTER IN THIS Face mask will Block 99.9% of:

Virus Protective Facemask
Viruses & Bacteria
Smog Facemask
Pollution Facemask
Pollen Facemask
Pollen & Spores
Fine Dust & Allergens