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RespiPro Carbon Respilon
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RespiPro Virus Killer (2 pack)

£ 16 GBP

99.9% Filtration + Virus Deactivation + Reusable

In a world-first innovation, the RespiPro® Virus Killer nano-respirator features a patented technology that actively deactivates viruses upon contact. Based on the popular RespiPro®, this respirator also features the Respilon® triple layer nanofibre filter which is certified to 99.9% protection against viruses and bacteria as well as other dangerous particles.

This is the first protective respirator that can be used repeatedly over a long period of time. The mask’s usage time of 30 hours can be split over multiple uses. For example: the user could wear the mask for 6 hours a day Mon-Fri without the risk of viral reproduction in the filter. During reuse, diligent mask handling is still required for optimum protection. The RespiPro VK is not washable.

The combination of two unique features – the 99.9% filtration efficiency for pathogens and the ability to kill them, makes the RespiPro® Virus Killer ideal protective equipment for authorities, frontline staff and the general public looking for the best protection during a viral pandemic.

The RespiPro® Virus Killer is designed with a focus on maximum efficiency:

  • The respirator is designed to achieve the best possible face-fit across the high risk areas of the users face
  • The mask shape is easy to speak in, benefitting emergency services staff who need to communicate clearly and quickly
  • For it’s extreme level of protection, the mask offers world-beating breathability. This ensures comfort during intensive activity

The RespiPro VK holds specific European certification for protection against Covid-19.

Manufactured in Europe (EU).

2 RespiPro Virus Killer masks per pack.

Size & Face Fit

Available in two adult sizes: medium and large. Medium will best fit adults with smaller features, large will best fit average and large sized adults.

The mask is certified to full protection using just the ear loops, but everyone is different so a small plastic clip included with each pack allows you to tighten the straps around the back of the head to ensure a protective seal for all face shapes.

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thE FILTER IN THIS Face mask will Block 99.9% of:

Virus Protective Facemask
Viruses & Bacteria
Smog Facemask
Pollution Facemask
Pollen Facemask
Pollen & Spores
Fine Dust & Allergens
Reusable High-Level Protection

How long can I use one RespiPro Virus Killer?

Thanks to self-sterilising layers on the inside and outside, the RespiPro VK respirator can be carefully taken off and reused repeatedly as needed. No additional care of the mask is required - the RespiPro VK is not washable.

The recommended cumulative time for the repeated wearing of a single VK respirator is around 30 hours. But this highly depends on whether the respirator still fits perfectly and shows no signs of wear.

Patented Technology

How does VK RespiPro work?

The RespiPro VK works on a double-barrier principle. Its reliable protection filter consists of nanofibres (a thousand times thinner than a human hair) which mechanically block up to 99.9% of viruses. The inner and outer layer feature an accelerated copper oxide which then deactivate any viruses intercepted by the nanofibre membrane, whether they come from the user’s surroundings or from the mask wearer if he or she is infected. This is how the VK respirator performs its self-sterilisation.

A nanofiber respirator works on the mechanical principle of particle interception. In contrast to a common N95 or FFP respirator which works on the electrostatic principle, the filtration efficiency of a nanofiber respirator does not decrease after 30mins wear due to increased humidity from human breath.

Further Information

Already seen a virus killing mask?

We’ve been receiving questions from customers about other “anti-viral” mask technologies that are appearing in the UK. We can't give out advice, but here are a few general pointers you may find useful:

- Apart from the RespiPro VK, we are not aware of any other virus killing mask available that offers certifiable real-time virus deactivation with certifiable protective filtration.

- There are a number of products popping up in the UK market that make claims about filtration or anti-viral protection. There is a good reason that these products come with disclaimers about not being fit for professional use as a protective item. This is generally because the claims made simply wouldn’t stand up to professional review.

- Beware claims made against ISO certified materials. These products can lack certifiable filtration and viral breakdown can happen long after viral particles have sailed through (or around) the mask and into the wearer's lungs.

- Be mindful of moisture levels when using a mask that relies on static filtration. Human breath is saturated with water which deactivates electrostatic filtration by up to 60%. Our nanofibre filters are not affected by this.

We hope that’s useful. If you are in doubt about the safety or efficacy of a product, you can contact the BSiF who are the standards body for PPE in the UK.

Finally, it’s important to understand that nothing guarantees protection, and that following hygiene and distancing procedures are an important part of lowering risk in the current situation.