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Window Pollution Screen - Made to Measure

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RESPILON® window filter screen built into a made to measure frame that will arrive ready to fit to your window. Protects your building from harmful air particulates, pollen, dust and insects.

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Protect your home or workplace from an invisible build up of dangerous particulates:

  • Air Pollution (inc. PM1.0 and PM2.5)
  • Vehicle exhaust particulates
  • Dust, inc. fine dust
  • Pollen
  • Flies and other insects
  • Rain water
  • Smoke particulates

Benefits & Features:

  • This is a Made-to-Measure screen: the screen is made to your window dimensions and shipped ready to fit
  • Perfect for people who live in built up areas and near roads, especially families with children, elderly people, and anybody with respiratory problems or allergies.
  • The most efficient and protective window screen available worldwide
  • Daylight and a fresh breeze will make it through the screen easily
  • The screen doesn't block viruses or bacteria, which is on purpose so these can be aired out of the building
  • The screen can be removed from the window in seconds for easy storage when not needed
  • Choose between removable hinges, turn buttons or magnetic strips to hold the screen in place
  • Light-weight but strong powder coated aluminium frame - available in White, Brown or Anthracite Grey
  • Neat, slim-line frame size: just 18.6mm wide x 12.4mm deep - small enough to fit behind blinds
  • Full instructions provided
  • Manufactured in the UK with free delivery to the UK mainland excluding the highlands
  • Made-to-Measure screens are typically shipped via DHL within 14 days

How to order:

When you click "Place Order" above, you will be taken to a measuring guide and price calculator. Input your window size, frame colour and choice of fixings to calculate the exact price and place an order.

If you need help, contact us on 01452 234719 / team@respilon.uk.

Pollution, Pollen and Fly Screen

Full Description

RESPILON® Clean Air Window Screen

Protect yourself from air pollution, pollen, dust, exhaust fumes, smoke, insects and other airborne threats with this practical and highly effective Window Screen.

Air pollution is described as one of the worst health crisis' of our time, contributing to mass chronic illness, permanently harming the mental and physical development of children, and causing tens of thousands of deaths in the UK every year. Particulates enter through your windows and build up inside your building, usually without you noticing.

This is a Made-to-Measure screen: the completed screen is made to your window specifications and shipped ready to fit. When you receive the screen, you just unpack it and put it up. Most importantly - we are the end of the phone if you need some help (01452 234719).

The Best Window Screen for Pollen

The RESPILON® Clean Air window screen will also block pollen more efficiently than any pollen screen. Pollen particulate sizes range from 10 microns to 100 microns, yet the market leading pollen screens only block pollen that is 90 microns or larger. This means they miss most of the finer pollen particulates. RESPILON® Window Membrane easily catches ALL sizes of pollen.

A Premium Window Filter Screen

With a neat, slim-line powder coated aluminium frame, these screens are ideal for windows, sliding sashes, fanlights, roof lights and Velux windows and ideal for every room in the home. You can choose a White, Anthracite Grey or Brown frame and we also offer a colour coating service if you need to match a specific paint colour.

Your screen will be made to your dimensions using our slim aluminium frames and neatly crimped metal corners for long lasting strength and a professional finish. Fitted with RESPILON® Clean Air window membrane, now in its 5th generation, this membrane protects your building from harmful particulates in the outside air.

This screen represents an excellent investment if you’re looking for a solid long-term solution, rather than a cheap short-term fix. Both the frames and membrane will last for many years, the membrane can also be removed and replaced if needed.

A Fit and Fixing For Any Window Type
  • Universal fitting - the screen can be hung from the top or sides (hinged fixing options)
  • Self-adhesive fixing option means screens can be fixed without drilling into the window frames
  • Lift off hinge and turn button fixing options are weatherproof, making the screen suitable for outside use
  • Ideal screen for windows, sliding sashes, fanlights, roof lights and Velux windows
How does this pollution screen work?

It’s a bit like a picture frame but with transparent membrane instead of a picture. The frame is placed directly over the window to create a seal between the back of the screen and the window frame, the membrane does the rest. Your chosen fixing holds the screen in place.

The RESPILON® nano membrane in this window screen works as a microscopic sieve which mechanically blocks out air pollution. It captures allergens, pollen, smog, dust, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, mold spores, rain, insects, and mites. At the same time, it maintains perfect breathability so that fresh air can flow in. As opposed to RESPILON® nano respirators, the membrane does not capture viruses or bacteria – which is on purpose so that they may be aired out of the room.

*Please note:

  • The window membrane does not block viruses or bacteria, this is on purpose to allow them to be aired out
  • The lighter side of the filter material should face the outside.
  • Depending on your requirements, the membrane can be placed inside or outside of your window as it is very durable.
  • The RESPILON window screen blocks particulate matter that would otherwise penetrate deep into your lungs. However, it may not fully block smells because the membrane does not block gases.

Fixing Options


With a neat, slim-line powder coated aluminium frame, these screens are ideal for windows, sliding sashes, fanlights, roof lights and Velux windows and ideal for every room in the home. You can choose a White, Anthracite Grey or Brown frame and we also offer a colour coating service if you need to match a specific paint colour.

At checkout you will be able to choose from three fixing options:

  1. Hinged fixings allow easy opening and closing.
  2. Magnetic fixings make it easy to fit and remove as often as required and additional magnetic strip allows you to share a screen between one or more windows of the same size.
  3. Turn button fixings are screwed into your framework to the side of the screen. The button turns through 90 degrees to lock/release the screen

The width of the screen frame that sits against your window frame is 19mm. It's not essential for the screen frame to fully overlap your window frame, but you should note that the hinge fixings and turn buttons sit to the side of the screen, so an allowance needs to be made for them. Please see dimensions below.

Lift on/off hinges with turn buttons

This fixing consists of a 2 part hinge, one part fixes to the edge of the screen and the other to your window frame. Both are screwed in position. The two hinge parts are connected with a pin which allows you to lift the screen off the hinge for cleaning or storage. The screen is held closed with turn buttons as shown in the second image below. The button is turned through 90 degrees to lock/release the screen.

You will require 13mm of flat window frame space next to your screen to fit the hinges on one side and 8mm to fit the turn buttons on the other side.

Please note: If your window handle protrudes past the framework when the window is closed just allow the screen to rest against the handle when not in use.  Once your window is open you will be able to close the screen flat against the window frame.

Screen Hinge
Turn button

Magnetic strips

No drilling or screwing is required for this magnetic option. It consists of two, 13mm wide, self-adhesive magnetic strips, one adheres to your window frame, the other adheres to the back of the screen.  As the strips are positioned within the width of the screen frame you don't need to make an allowance for this fitting. The strip that adheres to your window frame is colour matched to blend in as much as possible. White for white frames and dark grey for brown or anthracite frames.

Please note: Your window handle may protrude past the framework when your window is closed.  If this is the case you can remove the screen when the window is shut.

Magnetic Strips

Turn Buttons

The screen is held closed with 'turn buttons' screwed into your framework to the side of the screen. The button turns through 90 degrees to lock/release the screen.  You will require 8mm of flat frame space next to each side of your screen to fit the turn buttons.

Please note: Your window handle may protrude past the framework when your window is closed.  If this is the case you can remove the screen when the window is shut. The screen is held in place by the turn buttons so removing it takes just a few seconds.

Turn button

If you need guidance, please call us on 01452 234719.

Screen Contents & Delivery


This is a Made-to-Measure service whereby we will make the screen to your exact window size with the fitting options you have chosen and send it to you pre-constructed, ready for a quick installation. Full instructions are also provided. These screens are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards via our partner Streme who have 25 years experience.

Your made to measure window screen will typically be shipped within 10-14 days. We use DHL to deliver our window screens.

Care Instructions & Warranty


Care Instructions

To clean the screen, rinse it once in a while with warm (not hot) water and let it dry out freely. Do not use aggressive cleaners or sharp objects as these may damage the screen.


The nanofiber within the window screen is suitable for all seasons of the year. Our oldest installations using this window membrane are 7 years old and still going strong.

To give you complete peace of mind and confidence in our products, for the complete screen we offer a Two Year Warranty against defects in manufacture and material starting from the date of purchase. Should any defect arise during the warranty period we shall, at our expense, repair the defective goods (or any part of them) provided that the defect has not arisen as a result of:

  • Fair wear and tear
  • Misuse or abuse
  • Screens not being fitted in accordance with fitting instructions
  • DIY Kits not being made in accordance with instructions
  • Accidental damage

If you have any questions or require some advice then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we are here to help.

To make a warranty claim please contact us on 01452 234719 / team@respilon.uk.

Independent Filtration Testing


The RESPILON® window membrane has been tested by independent 3rd parties to verify the filtration of air pollution, pollen and dust. The document named below is an independent test report by the renowned TÜV SÜD PSB Pte Ltd to test and confirm filtration performance of the membrane’s filtration abilities across a range of particulate sizes. TÜV are a German-based organisation with a global footprint, the testing was completed at TÜV Korea.

Test Report 7191237181-CHM20-YMG - Filtration Media Performance Test



We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and although returns are generally very few in number, we recognise there will be some occasions when a customer may wish to return goods.

Customers may return their order up to 14 days from receipt of goods, but must notify us in writing within this time frame of their wish to return. Returned goods must be in pristine condition, if goods are not in a pristine condition we reserve the right to offer a discretionary partial credit or to refuse the return.

Please note: made to measure products, manufactured at the customer's request to specific sizes and cut to size items cannot be cancelled once they have been manufactured.

Returned orders must be returned at the customer's expense and wrapped in suitable packaging to avoid damage. We would advise you to insure your return with the carrier as any damage in transit may result in either a partial credit being offered or refusal of the return. You will be notified of any damage, be it from transit or otherwise caused.

Undamaged, unused goods returned in accordance with the above will receive a full refund.

Please note: the above terms do not apply to business customers.

If your order is received damaged please indicate this when you sign for the goods, retain the packaging for inspection and notify us accordingly within 24 hours.

Shortages must be reported within 7 days of receipt of goods.

Returns address:

Respilon UK Returns C/O Streme Ltd
12 The Valley Centre
High Wycombe
HP13 6EQ

If you need help, please call us on 01452 234719.

RESPILON® Clean Air Screen

Perfect For:

  • Healthy City living
  • Buildings near roads or industrial sites
  • Hayfever
  • Keeping insects out
  • People with respiratory problems
  • Senior citizens
  • Protecting children
  • Pregnant women
  • People with heart disease



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